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Welcome to ACOSH - Australia Council on Smoking and Health

Working towards a Tobacco Free Australia

Welcome to ACOSH! We work through advocacy and collaboration to reduce the enormous health consequences of smoking.

Please take a look at our latest resource! The Smoke Free Living guide for residents and home owners. Click here to view the flip book online.

ACOSH has developed this resource in response to the growing number of enquiries we recieve regarding smoke drift in housing.  Alternatively you can email acosh@acosh.org to recieve a hard copy.

Cigarettes kill one half of all regular users, and tobacco is the single largest preventable cause of disease and death in Australia. Yet big tobacco continues to lure new smokers, particularly young people, to its deadly product, so that it can make massive profits from death and disease.

Check out the latest news, follow our current and past campaigns, investigate state, federal and international law and policy, read about the misleading and deceptive actions of the tobacco industry, and become a tobacco control advocate! We've got strategies and tips for you to pursue your own tobacco control campaign and become part of the growing tobacco free Australia network.

We're up against a big and powerful industry. We could use your help.

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