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Welcome to ACOSH - Australia Council on Smoking and Health

Attention Teachers: Critics' Choice 2016 has launched!

The Critic's Choice ia an initiative coordinated annually by the Australian Network on Young People and Tobacco (ANYPAT) as part of a strategy to reduce the prevalence of tobacco smoking amongst young people.

Critics' Choice is free online smoking prevention resource for upper primary and lower secondary schools. Students are encouraged to watch a selection of anti-smoking advertisements from around the world and vote for their favourite, including the one most likely to prevent them from taking up smoking or encouring them to quit.

There are currently 10 new advertisements from around the world for you to watch, free teachers's resources, curreny backgroud information on smoking in Australia and the opportunity for your students to vote on their favourite ad.

Vote before the 30th of September 2016 and go into the draw to win a $500 vouchers for your schoo. Students can win one of ten iTunes vouchers valued at $30

- Watch the ads and get students to vote online at www.quit.org.au/criticschoice

- Download tobacco education activities for both upper primary and lower secondary students at www.smarterthansmoking.org.au

Click here to download the promotional flyer

Download more information here

Smoke-free Strata Housing Incentive Scheme Now Open for Applications

If you are considering developing a smoke-free by-law at the strata-titled property where you live or that you manage, ACOSH is available to assist you with your efforts. All you need to do is complete and submit the application form below.

Please read the guidelines below, and carefully consider all the criteria. If you have any questions or would like to discuss your initiative with ACOSH staff please call 6365 5436 or 6365 5438 or email acosh@acosh.org. Please allow at least three weeks to get a response on your application.

Download the application form here

Download the guidelines here

ACOSH Community Tobacco Control Grants Now Open for Applications

The Australian Council on Smoking and Health (ACOSH) ‘Small Community Incentive Scheme' provides funding to strata corporations, sporting clubs and community groups. The ‘Small Community Incentive' scheme can fund implementation of tobacco control policy, as well as monitoring and enforcement compliance of current tobacco control policy and legislation.

ACOSH now invites applications for The Tobacco Control Small Community Incentive Scheme.

ACOSH staff will assist community members and other health organisations to clarify any questions. ACOSH staff will provide appropriate resources, copies of smoke-free policies, share successful cases and other guidance needed to implement initiatives supported by the incentive scheme. Contact us now on acosh@acosh.org

Download the application form here

Download the application guide here

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