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About ACOSH - Australia Council on Smoking and Health

The Australian Council on Smoking and Health (ACOSH) is an independent, non-government, not for profit coalition of prominent West Australian health, education, community, social service and research bodies with a shared concern about smoking and health. ACOSH aims to raise awareness in the community on issues relating to smoking and health, and lobby governments in the fight against tobacco.

We work closely with

  • Australian Medical Association (WA)
  • Cancer Council WA
  • Department of Health WA
  • Healthway National Heart Foundation (WA)
  • Our members organisations
  • And many others

For a full list of our member organisations please click here.

Our Goal

To significantly reduce the impact of the health consequences of smoking.

Our Objectives

We work through advocacy and collaboration on a comprehensive strategy to reduce the health consequences of smoking by:

  • Reducing the prevalence of smoking in WA, including in those groups with high prevalence of smoking.
  • Limiting the tobacco industry’s ability to advertise, promote and sell its products in WA.

Our Strategies

  • We work to ensure that tobacco control legislation and policy is adopted, implemented, monitored and enforced.
  • We act to remove the tobacco industry’s financial incentive to trade in WA.
  • We lead in formulating and establishing a consensus vision and associated strategy with respect to the end of the commercial viability of tobacco products.
  • We advocate to end all forms of tobacco advertising and promotion.
  • We strive to establish a wide and diverse range of smoke free places in WA.
  • We work to ensure that the broad community is aware of the harm caused by tobacco and the benefits of quitting.
  • We work to achieve reductions in smoking prevalence among key populations.
  • We lobby Government to increase its investment in public education, community programs, school education, teacher training and other forms of tobacco education and control.
  • We hold the tobacco industry publicly accountable for its motives and irresponsibility.
  • We develop the next generation of tobacco control advocates.
  • We are a source of expert tobacco control advice and information.
  • We are a growing, diverse and committed membership and resource.

For more information read ACOSH’s Strategic Plan 2011-2014.

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