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World Law and Policy

Investment in tobacco

The United Nations leads an international trend toward responsible investments.  http://www.unpri.org/

Norway's government pension fund no longer invests in tobacco companies thanks to new guidelines introduced by the Ministry of Finance. The $450 billion Government Pension Fund, which invests Norway's oil and gas wealth, follows ethical guidelines set by the government, specifically excluded the production of tobacco as a criterion for exclusion. Tobacco joins the ranks of other illustrious companies producing nuclear weapons, cluster bombs, causing environmental damage, and abusing workers' rights as unethical investment choices.

New Zealand excludes tobacco investments as irresponsible.

Taxation and Price

A new set of fact sheets on taxation and price are now available on the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids website. Topics include:

• Taxation and Price: Essential Facts
• Taxation and Price: Countering Industry Claims
• Taxation and Price: Types of Taxes
• Cigarette Affordability
• Success stories from countries that have raised tobacco taxes, reduced consumption and increased tax revenue.

These materials are available by clicking here.

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