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New landmark research from the Australian National University and Sax Institute published in the international journal BMC Medicine shows that we must intensify our campaigns to reduce smoking, according to the Australian Council on Smoking and Health (ACOSH) and the Public Health Association of Australia (PHAA).

ACOSH President Professor Mike Daube said, "This report, by top Australian and international researchers tells us that a staggering two thirds of Australian smokers are likely to die because they smoked - that's nearly two million people now alive.

"If anything else caused that death toll it would be seen as a national catastrophe. Australia is a global leader, but 1.8 million deaths - 7.5% of the Australian population - demands a different level of action.

"We need a clear plan from governments to reduce that toll to an absolute minimum - further tobacco tax increases, strong mass media campaigns, protection for non-smokers and support for disadvantaged groups. It is also time to ban all tobacco industry promotion - including lobbying and PR by this lethal industry," said Professor Daube.

PHAA Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Michael Moore said, "This confirms that smoking is still our single most preventable cause of death and disease - and kills even more smokers than we had thought. It also emphasises the risks of even light smoking.

"The conclusion is clear. We must do everything possible to encourage smokers to quit, and to quit now. We cannot stand by and see yet more generations of Australians dying, often painful deaths, because they smoked.

"Public health leaders campaign on smoking not because of any moral fervour, but because it kills people. Now we know that it kills even more than we had thought. That is cause for deep concern and a call for strengthened action," said Mr Moore.

For further information/comment:
Professor Mike Daube, President, ACOSH - 0409 933 933
Michael Moore, CEO, PHAA - 0417 249 731


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