ACOSH Advocacy in Action - 25 October


Welcome to the sixth edition of the ACOSH Advocacy in Action e-bulletin. We aim to provide topical information on advocacy for tobacco control in Western Australia, Nationally and around the world. Please forward to others who may be interested. Thank you for your support.

The work of ACOSH is generously supported by Healthway.

Inquiry on Personal Choice and Community Safety

ACOSH presented a submission to the Select Committee on Personal Choice and Community Safety.

The Committee, chaired by Liberal Democrat Aaron Stonehouse, will examine the economic and social impact of measures that restrict personal choice ‘for the individual’s own good,’ including reference to e-cigarettes,
e-liquids and heat-not-burn tobacco products.

ACOSH emphasised the importance of comprehensive public health measures and a precautionary approach to the regulation of
e-cigarettes and emerging tobacco products.



$1.3 trillion in funds under management in Australia now tobacco-free

At the United Nations last month, 45 Australian superfunds controlling $1.3 trillion were among 90 founding signatories of the Tobacco-Free Finance Pledge.

Dr Bronwyn King, Founder and CEO of Tobacco Free Portfolios, last week launched the world’s first “Verified Tobacco-Free” certification stamp, which will be rolled out in Australia next year.



Smoking and the dangers of complacency

Australia is a world leader in tobacco control, yet smoking remains our single greatest cause of premature death and disability, accounting for 9% of the burden of disease, ahead of high body mass index, high blood pressure and alcohol.

An excellent insight by Professor Emily Banks in the MJA on why we must continue to reduce the impact of smoking in Australia and around the world.



Is Big Tobacco really trying to get out of tobacco?

Emeritus Professor Simon Chapman’s latest blog post questions the tobacco industry’s promotion of ‘risk-reduced’ products, while they continue to grow the market for combustible cigarettes, particularly in Asia and Africa.


E-Cigarettes: Impact on Lung Function and Fractional Exhaled Nitric Oxide Among Healthy Adults

This study is the first to report the relationships between the use of e-cigarettes, lung function and FeNO among healthy adults.

The use of e-cigarettes significantly impaired lung function, and the pattern of lung function impairment exhibited peripheral obstructive airway involvement.

The present study, although modest in its size, scope, and conclusions, offers vital findings on the potential harm of e-cigarettes.



Tobacco Control News

‘Independent’ doctor-led vaping group accepts tobacco-tainted funding – The Sydney Morning Herald

Big Tobacco’s smoke and mirrors act – Financial Review

Philip Morris accused of hypocrisy over anti-smoking ad – BBC News

Tobacco Free Portfolios with Geraldine Doogue on RN – ABC Radio

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