ACOSH Advocacy in Action - 3 October

Welcome to the latest edition of the ACOSH Advocacy in Action e-bulletin for 2019. We aim to provide topical information on advocacy for tobacco control in Western Australia, Nationally and around the world. Please forward to others who may be interested. Thank you for your support.

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What are the respiratory effects of e-cigarettes?

A major clinical review on the respiratory effects of e-cigarettes in the BMJ reiterates that “… to date, no long term vaping toxicological/safety studies have been done in humans; without these data, saying with certainty that e-cigarettes are safer than combustible cigarettes is impossible … e-cigarettes will likely prove to have at least some pulmonary toxicity with chronic and possibly even short term use.”

When big companies fund academic research, the truth often comes last

“For instance, in 1981 an influential Japanese study showed an association between passive smoking and lung cancer. It concluded wives of heavy smokers had up to twice the risk of developing lung cancer as wives of non-smokers and that the risk was dose related.

Tobacco companies then funded academic researchers to create a study that would refute these findings. The tobacco companies were involved in every step of the funded work, but kept the extent of their involvement hidden for decades. They framed the research questions, designed the study, collected and provided data, and wrote the final publication.”


The vape debate: A Current Affair 2019, Short video

An excellent summary of key issues related to vaping that vindicates Australia’s precautionary approach and confirms conflict of Interest for the Australian Tobacco Harm Reduction Association (ATHRA).

Juul’s CEO is leaving — and being replaced by a tobacco executive

Kevin Burns, CEO of Juul Labs — maker of the best selling e-cigarette on the US market — has stepped down. He will be replaced by K.C. Crosthwaite, a former executive at Altria, one of the world’s largest tobacco producers.

“Before, Altria was a minority stakeholder to Juul and they denied they were part of Big Tobacco,” said Michael Eriksen, dean of the school of public health at Georgia State University and a former director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s Office on Smoking and Health. “Now with Altria executive being CEO, that’s no longer possible, and it changes that dynamic.”


Juul move to end vaping advertising in the U.S. not extended to Canada

“Sweeping changes at vaping giant Juul Labs were announced Wednesday, including a new CEO, a complete halt of broadcast, print and digital advertising in the U.S., and the end of lobbying efforts against a ban on vaping flavours proposed by the Trump administration.

In Canada, however, it’s business as usual…”


Opinion Piece The West Australian

Opinion piece by Maurice Swanson, Chief Executive, Australian Council on Smoking and Health, Ashley Reid, Chief Executive, Cancer Council WA, Dr Andrew Miller, President, Australian Medical Association (WA), Vicki O’Donnell, Chairperson, Aboriginal Health Council of WA.

Politicians who become lobbyists can be bad for Australians’ health

“Just like tobacco lobbyists have done over the past 50 years, profit-driven industries such as alcohol, junk food and gambling seek to deter, delay and water down effective public health policies that could restrict the availability of their harmful products.

These industries use lobbying tactics established by the tobacco industry to achieve their goals – from offering free tickets to sporting events and parliamentary wine-tastings, to faking grassroots campaigns and using PR organisations, to donating to political parties.”


Event invitation: Where next in tobacco control?

ACOSH is co-hosting a free seminar with international guest speaker Professor Ruth Malone, University of California, San Francisco, editor-in-chief of the leading international tobacco control policy journal, Tobacco Control.

This event is being held on Monday 28 October at 9:00am – 12:00pm at Cullity Gallery (Architecture, Landscape and Visual Arts), UWA.

Join us to hear international and national perspectives on future tobacco control strategies, product regulation, and highlights from the 2019 Oceania Tobacco Control Conference presented by Noni Walker, ACOSH Community Partnerships Director, Maurice Swanson ACOSH Chief Executive, Libby Jardine, Cancer Council WA Make Smoking History Manager, and Patricia Pearce, Aboriginal Health Council of WA Tackling Indigenous Smoking Coordinator.

Click here for more information and to register.

Event invitation: What a BMJ Editor REALLY wants – an inside view on maximising your publication

A workshop by Professor Ruth Malone, University of California, San Francisco, editor-in-chief of the international tobacco control policy journal, Tobacco Control, on how to get your paper published in a leading public health journal.

This event is being held on Tuesday 29 October at 12:00pm – 1:30pm at the Telethon Kids Institute.

Click here for more information and to register.

Strong evidence on how to reduce smoking has been around for over 10 years

“Increases in the real price of cigarettes and tobacco control mass media campaigns broadcast at sufficient exposure levels and at regular intervals are critical for reducing population smoking prevalence.”

Melanie A. Wakefield, et al. “Impact of Tobacco Control Policies and Mass Media Campaigns on Monthly Adult Smoking Prevalence”, American Journal of Public Health 98, no. 8 (August 1, 2008): pp. 1443-1450.


Wherever you are on your quitting journey, Quit makes quite a difference.

Quit Victoria launched a new campaign last week, highlighting how Quitline can help people who are considering quitting or actively trying to quit.

From the archives – Launch of the 1989 Quit Campaign

In the launch of the 1989 Quit Campaign by Professor Konrad Jamrozik and Dr Warwick Ruse, the then President of the AMA (WA), demonstrated the Smoker’s Odds for conditions such as bad breath, being puffed out, having empty pockets, and smokers cough.

“In WA we saw him (Konrad) over the years as an active member of ACOSH who contributed willingly whenever asked, and then as a President who put a huge amount of time and energy into the role. He was no figurehead, simply chairing meetings: he wanted to run campaigns all the time, worked to pressure politicians and the media – and his colleagues; was always on the lookout for creative approaches; and it often seemed that his bicycle was a semi-permanent fixture outside the ACOSH offices,” said Emeritus Professor Mike Daube AO.

Tobacco Control News

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