ACOSH Advocacy in Action - 8 November

Welcome to the seventh edition of the ACOSH Advocacy in Action e-bulletin. We aim to provide topical information on advocacy for tobacco control in Western Australia, Nationally and around the world. Please forward to others who may be interested. Thank you for your support.

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Cancer warning on every cigarette stick? Canada’s considering it

Canada could soon become the first country in the world to place health warnings directly on all cigarette sticks.

Health Canada launched a consultation on ‘New Health Labelling for Tobacco Packaging‘ with cigarette labelling as the principal innovation under consideration.

Previous research suggests ‘dissuasive sticks’ could enhance the effect of standardised packaging, particularly among older smokers who are often more heavily addicted and resistant to change.



Statement from FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb, M.D., on meetings with industry related to the agency’s ongoing policy commitment to firmly address rising epidemic rates in youth e-cigarette use

In a statement released last week, FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlied described the rising youth popularity of e-cigarettes as a “public health tragedy” and announced the FDA will release a new e-cigarette action plan by mid-November.


Tobacco industry accused of flavour capsule ‘tricks’ to lure young smokers

An analysis published in the British Medical Journal’s Tobacco Control found the market for cigarettes with flavour-changing capsules in the filter had “grown exponentially since being introduced in 2007”.

Almost all major brands in Australia now include at least one product with flavour squeeze balls in their range.

“The product range and popularity of flavour capsule cigarettes will only continue to grow unless governments take serious action to ban these products,” Quit Victoria policy manager Kylie Lindorff said.



2018 Bob Elphick Medal

The 2018 Bob Elphick Medal presentation will be held on Friday, 7 December 2018, 7:30AM at Matilda Bay Restaurant.

The medal commemorates the exceptional achievements of former ACOSH President, Dr Bob Elphick, and is awarded annually to a person who has made an outstanding contribution to tobacco control in Western Australia or Nationally.

Save the date and visit the ACOSH websitefor more information on this initiative.



Tobacco Control News

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