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Welcome to the first edition of the ACOSH Advocacy in Action e-bulletin for 2020. We aim to provide topical information on advocacy for tobacco control in Western Australia, Nationally and around the world. Please forward to others who may be interested. Thank you for your support.

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Promoting e-cigarettes as “95% safer” is misleading and irresponsible

New summary of the evidence published today in the American Journal of Public Health.

“The “95% safer” estimate is a “factoid”: unreliable information repeated so often that it becomes accepted as fact. Public health practitioners, scientists, and physicians should expose the fragile status of the factoid emphatically by highlighting its unreliable provenance and its lack of validity today, noting the many changes in e-cigarette devices and liquids, the accumulation of evidence of potential harm, the increased prevalence of use, and the growing evidence that e-cigarette use is associated with subsequent cigarette smoking.”



Philip Morris applies to TGA to legalise heated tobacco product

Philip Morris has submitted an application to the Advisory Committee on Chemicals Scheduling (ACCS), calling for laws to be amended to allow the sale of heated tobacco products (HTPs) in Australia.

The TGA has requested submissions (Item 3.1 – Nicotine) on this application from Philip Morris to be received by 10 February 2020.

See also
Heated tobacco products (HTPs) information sheet – World Health Organization




Trump Administration Breaks Its Promise to Kids and Families to Eliminate Flavored E-Cigarettes, Prioritizes Industry Over the Health of Our Kids

“Statement of Matthew L. Myers, President, Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids

WASHINGTON, DC – The e-cigarette policy announced today by the Trump Administration breaks the Administration’s promise to kids and families to eliminate the flavored e-cigarettes that are driving an epidemic of youth nicotine addiction. By leaving menthol flavored e-cigarettes widely available and completely exempting liquid flavored products, this policy will not stop the youth e-cigarette epidemic. It is a capitulation to both Juul and vape shops and gives a green light to the e-cigarette industry to continue to target and addict kids with flavored products.”



World No Tobacco Day – 31 May 2020

Protecting youth from industry manipulation and preventing them from tobacco and nicotine use

“In response to the tobacco and nicotine industries’ systematic, aggressive and sustained tactics to attract a new generation of tobacco users, World No Tobacco Day 2020 will provide a counter-marketing campaign and empower young people to engage in the fight against Big Tobacco.

The World No Tobacco Day 2020 global campaign will serve to:

– Debunk myths and expose manipulation tactics employed by the tobacco and nicotine industries, particularly marketing tactics targeted at youth, including through the introduction of new and novel products, flavours and other attractive features;

– Equip young people with knowledge about the tobacco and nicotine industries’ intentions and tactics to hook current and future generations on tobacco and nicotine products; and

– Empower influencers (in pop culture, on social media, in the home, or in the classroom) to protect and defend youth and catalyze change by engaging them in the fight against Big Tobacco.”



The American Heart Association Takes on Vaping

“At a recent American Heart Association (AHA) conference in Philadelphia, Rose Marie Robertson, MD, the group’s deputy chief science and medical officer, spoke with JAMA about e-cigarettes’ health effects, the urgent need for more research, and initiatives to reduce youth vaping.

“…Over the last several decades, we worked really hard to reduce the use of combustible cigarettes, in youth particularly. And we had reduced that from perhaps 1 in 4 kids using combustible cigarettes to where we were down to 5% or 6%. So that was a great public health success. And it is being wiped away by the appearance of e-cigarettes.

“…The CDC has called this an epidemic, and the CDC doesn’t use that word lightly. It is a public health tragedy,” said Dr Roberston.



E-cigarettes: How high is the risk of chronic lung disease?

An extensive new study confirms the link between electronic cigarette use and a higher risk of chronic lung conditions. The study also found that many e-cigarette users also smoked tobacco, thereby facing an even higher risk of lung problems.


WHO launches new report on global tobacco use trends

“For the first time, the World Health Organization projects that the number of males using tobacco is on the decline, indicating a powerful shift in the global tobacco epidemic. The findings, published today [19 Dec] in a new WHO report, demonstrate how government-led action can protect communities from tobacco, save lives and prevent people suffering tobacco-related harm.

“Declines in tobacco use amongst males mark a turning point in the fight against tobacco,” said Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, WHO Director-General. “For many years now we had witnessed a steady rise in the number of males using deadly tobacco products. But now, for the first time, we are seeing a decline in male use, driven by governments being tougher on the tobacco industry. WHO will continue working closely with countries to maintain this downward trend.”



Instagram bans influencers from promoting vaping products

Social media influencers will be banned from promoting vaping, tobacco products and weapons on Instagram as the Facebook-owned platform doubles down on its existing ban on tobacco advertising.

Product endorsements are rampant on Instagram as celebrities and influencers strike deals to talk up make-up, clothing, food and other items.

Even though Facebook and Instagram have banned ads for tobacco products, e-cigarette makers have been using influencers to promote their products through hashtags or posts showing they were gifted the devices by companies.



Denmark’s new tobacco control strategies

“Christmas has come early in #Denmark for public health, as the government agrees on an armageddon of measures following the first rise in  #smoking in 60 yrs, driven by teens” said Simon Chapman AO (@SimonChapman6)

Canada – The draw of nicotine: With rise in youth vaping, history repeats itself

“Nicholas Chadi treats a new generation of nicotine addicts: children hooked on vaping.

“One pre-filled (vaping) cartridge — the type kids use most of the time — contains nicotine equivalent of one to two packs of cigarettes,” said Chadi, a pediatrician and addiction specialist at Ste-Justine Hospital.

“So one little cartridge that’s the size of your thumbnail can contain as much nicotine as 20 to 40 cigarettes, and some (teenagers) are going through one or two or even three or four of those pods a day.”



Real-World Effectiveness of Smoking Cessation Strategies for Young and Older Adults: Findings From a Nationally Representative Cohort

“So much for the hype that #ecigs are a game changer & disruptor. These data show they are no better than any method, including unassited, for quitting smoking” said Professor Simon Chapman AO (@SimonChapman6)


From the archives

Another of the many full page press advertisements placed by the tobacco industry to defeat the 1983 Government Bill to prohibit tobacco advertising in WA.

During the 1980s, Benson and Hedges was the major sponsor of Australian cricket strongly supported by Australian wicket keeper Rod Marsh.



Tobacco Control News

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