Advocacy In Action – 19 August 2022


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Being Gen Vape: why we must further restrict e-cigarettes to protect kids

The ground-breaking Being Gen Vape study highlighted how access to e-cigarettes has become one of the biggest enabling factors when it comes to kids getting hooked on the harmful habit. One teen reported getting their hands on a vape was as easy as “finding a pen on the floor”.

ACOSH Chief Executive, Maurice Swanson says this is further proof that we need to restrict access to these devices.

“These dangerous and addictive products are readily available to children and this must be stopped.” he said.

“State and Territory health ministers need to prioritise the effective enforcement of existing laws to stop the illegal retail sale of these products.”

“The Federal Health Minister, Mark Butler, needs to urgently introduce a Prohibited Imports Regulation to stop these products coming through our borders.”

“The Federal government should also prohibit the promotion of these addictive products on all social media platforms,”

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