Advocacy In Action - 22 July 2022


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Retail lobby group chief quits but vaping push continues

This damning but vital piece by Neil Chenoweth in the AFR exposes the source of funding behind e-cigarette lobbying campaigns after the resignation of National Retail Association (NRA) chairman, Mark Brodie.

“Mr Brodie’s departure comes after it emerged that the NRA had a backroom role in a new campaign to legalise e-cigarettes announced by the Australian Association of Convenience Stores (AACS) earlier this month.”

“Six directors resigned last year and for five months the NRA board was reduced to three directors after claims of irregularities in a chaotic board restructure which began after The Australian Financial Review revealed the NRA’s links to tobacco funding.”

“The AACS – which is run by former British American Tobacco executive Theo Foukkare and long-time Philip Morris executive Ben Meredith – makes no secret of the major funding it receives from BAT, Philip Morris and Imperial Tobacco. Legalising vaping is a primary aim of the convenience store lobby…”

“In February last year, AFR Weekend revealed that the Australian Retailers Association, which represents most major retail operators, had cancelled a rolling contract with tobacco giant Philip Morris worth $500,000 a year to promote vaping.”

“New CEO Paul Zahra and the ARA board made the decision in August 2020 – only for the NRA to launch a similar pro-vaping campaign some days later.”

“NRA’s June 2021 accounts showed revenue from “policy services” jumped $473,000.”

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Vaping on the rise in primary schools, survey reveals

Concerns about kids using e-cigarettes have reached fever pitch with a new survey revealing a third of primary school teachers reporting their students use the devices.

“Our study suggests many Australian students can readily access e-cigarettes and that vaping in schools is becoming more prevalent, including in primary schools,” – Professor Pettigrew.

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