Advocacy In Action - 23 June 2022


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2022 NHMRC CEO Statement on Electronic Cigarettes


The NHMRC reviewed the evidence on the health and safety impacts of e-cigarettes and put together a comprehensive review about the harms of these devices.

Some of the points of most concern include:

  • ‘E-cigarette-related poisonings have substantially increased over the past 5 years. E-cigarette related calls to Australian Poisons Information Centres have more than doubled between 2020 and 2021. Most poisonings are occurring in toddlers and adults (5-8).’
  • ‘Teenagers exposed to e-cigarette content on social media are more likely to try e-cigarettes (10).’

Today, ACOSH came out in strong support of the review.

“We must not allow a new generation of Australians to get hooked on nicotine,” said ACOSH Chief Executive, Maurice Swanson

See the full NHMRC review
Read our media release


ACOSH hit back against Legalise Vaping’s campaign


Vaping industry front group Legalise Vaping Australia have taken to social media to launch a campaign against the new Health Department initiative to monitor vape shops in WA.

ACOSH have challenged their campaign by issuing a media release supporting the Health Department’s initiative and curbing misinformation with the facts.

“The vape and tobacco industries, and their allies will no doubt mount their usual lobbying campaign to undermine the Health Department’s public health program,” Mr Swanson said.

“Decades of public health initiatives which have put Australia at the forefront of nations that have significantly reduced the rate of smoking among adults and children are now at risk.”

Read our media release for the true facts


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