Bob Elphick Medal

Dr Bob Elphick (1917-2005) dedicated his life to working in public medicine in WA. As the first Head of the Perth Chest Hospital, which is now known as Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital, Dr Elphick observed first-hand the devastating health effects of smoking.

A pioneer in tobacco control, Dr Elphick was elected the founding President of the WA branch of Australian Council on Smoking and Health (ACOSH) in November 1971; he continued to take a passionate and active role in the work of ACOSH for many years and was an inspiring mentor to several generations of chest physicians and tobacco control activists.

ACOSH acknowledges Dr Elphick’s pioneering work in tobacco control with the establishment of the Bob Elphick Medal to honour and commemorate his exceptional achievements and contribution to ACOSH. The Bob Elphick Medal is awarded annually, by the decision of the Council, to a person who has made an outstanding contribution to tobacco control in WA during the previous year.

Bob Elphick Medal winners include:
  • 2006 – Hon. Jim McGinty
  • 2007 – Gaye Reeves
  • 2008 – Dr Bill Musk
  • 2009 – Dr Janet Woollard MP
  • 2010 – Paul Boyatzis
  • 2011 – Dr Mal Washer MP
  • 2012 – Prof Mike Daube
  • 2013- Dr Juli Coffin
  • 2014- Professor Kingsley Faulkner AM
  • 2015- Emeritus Prof D’Arcy Holman AM
  • 2016- Dr Bronwyn King
  • 2017 – Hon Nicola Roxon