Law and policy

Since its inception in 1971 ACOSH has been working tirelessly to ensure that tobacco control legislation and policy is implemented, monitored and enforced at local, state and national levels.

Over the past 72 years Western Australia has seen many milestones in the introduction of strong legislation and policy which has helped push the smoking rates among the general population down to around 12%.

For more information on legislation and policy in WA please read Tobacco control legislation and public policy in WA 1911-2010 by Maurice Swanson and Betty Durston. This paper chronicles the major changes in public policy and legislation that have driven down the prevalence of smoking in WA.

Despite all these great achievements there is still a lot of work to be done if we want a future free from the harms of tobacco.

Please refer to the following sections of this website for more information on what still needs to happen in WA, Australia and globally in the fight against tobacco.