Priorities for WA State Government

Seven actions to achieve a Tobacco Free Western Australia by 2025

The need for tobacco control is as great as ever. While there have been encouraging trends over time, there is no room for complacency.   There should now be a strong focus on stepping up levels of activity so that WA can become effectively tobacco free. Notwithstanding progress in recent years, the tobacco industry in WA and Australia as elsewhere is unrelenting in its constant efforts to recruit new smokers, and to keep existing smokers addicted.

It is critical that tobacco control remains a priority for the WA State Government.  Reinstating WA’s leadership in tobacco control is vital. This can be achieved by a strong and comprehensive approach to tobacco control.

Please support the following seven actions:

  1. Increase funding for comprehensive public education campaigns
  2. Invest in programs to reduce smoking among Indigenous Australians and disadvantaged groups
  3. Introduce stronger legislation to prohibit sales to minors
  4. Reduce the availability of tobacco and increase licence fees for tobacco sellers
  5. Eliminate community exposure to secondhand smoke
  6. Prohibit remaining forms of tobacco advertising and promotion
  7. Hold the tobacco industry accountable for healthcare costs

ACOSH is committed to advocating for all seven priorities to achieve best practice in Western Australia. This is in keeping with our goal of further reduce the prevalence of smoking to achieve a Tobacco Free Western Australia by 2025.  Read the full document HERE.

If you would like to show your support for these seven recommended actions, you can write to your Member of Parliament urging their support.

You can find their contact details by visiting the WA Parliament website.