Philip Morris claims they don’t market to kids? Really?

In early May at the annual Philip Morris International shareholders meeting in New York City CEO Louis Camilleri said “That’s not true. It’s a fable” when asked if Philip Morris markets their products to kids. But we know this statement not to be true! Here are some recent examples of how Philip Morris has targeted youth around the world:

They have sponsored concerts in Indonesia and the Philippines under the names of their cigarette brands. In 2011 a Philip Morris billboard promoting their product “Sampoerna” told Indonesian kids that cigarettes are a ”cool friend” worth dying for.

An investigation in 2012 by ABC’s Nightline in the US showed how Philip Morris markets their products near schools and even bought back the infamous Marlboro Man.

In 2011 Philip Morris cut the price of their best-selling Marlboro cigarettes in Senegal by 40% which would surely increase smoking among price-sensitive youth.

For more information visit the Tobacco Free Kids Campaign website.