Cancer Council WA Make Smoking History

Cancer Council WA Make Smoking History


Make Smoking History


State wide

Other regional locations

  • Albany
  • Broome
  • Bunbury
  • Geraldton
  • Kalgoorlie
  • Midland
  • Northam



Source(s) of funding

  • Department of Health
  • Healthway
  • Cancer Council WA

Target Group (s)

  • Western Australian adults
  • At risk groups including people experiencing social and financial disadvantage

Secondary Target Group (s)

  • Community service workers
  • Health professionals

Goals and objectives

  • The campaign contributes to reducing the prevalence of smoking among adults in WA through its mass media campaigns, while also contributing to broader tobacco control efforts through:
    • Influencing public opinion and policy on key smoking and health issues
    • Raising awareness of the harms of smoking and the benefits of quitting
    • Assisting and supporting smokers to quit through the provision of information and resources to help plan their quit attempts
    • Improving at risk groups access to support to cut down and quit in partnership with community services


Make Smoking History is comprehensive in its approach and employs a range of strategies including hard-hitting mass media advertising, community-based support strategies, production and distribution of public education materials, research and evaluation, public relations activities, media and political advocacy on topical smoking and health issues, and input into the development of public policy on health. Resources used to promote the smoking cessation message through Make Smoking History include the use of their website, social media including Facebook and Twitter, fact sheets, brochures and other promotional material.

Key contact details



Cancer Council WA- Corner of Bagot Road and Railway Road, Subiaco

Phone: 08 9212 4333

Fax: 08 9212 4334
Address: Level 1, 420 Bagot Rd, SUBIACO WA 6008