North Metropolitan Population Health Unit (NMPHU))

Healthy Public Spaces


Healthy Public Spaces Project


North Metropolitan Region



Source(s) of funding


Target group(s)

  • Community groups
  • Sporting clubs
  • Local Government Agencies
  • Commercial Agencies

Goals and objectives

The North Metropolitan Public Health Unit (NMPHU) aims to reduce smoking rates by building capacity of local community groups, recreation centres and commercial businesses by assisting them in creating an environment that fosters healthy behaviour change for community members.


  • Strategies undertaken to foster healthy public spaces include;
  • Healthy Public Spaces venue audits – audit of the internal and external environments of public venues to assess how well the environment supports healthy communities. A report and recommendation is provided for the venue to implementchanges where possible
  • Supporting local community groups and sporting clubs – The NMPHU supports local community groups to make healthy changes that foster healthy communities. This support includes; Assistance with developing policies that restrict alcohol consumption and/or smoking at sporting events.
  • Canteen menu evaluations
  • Health and well-being training for club staff and volunteers (Healthy Clubs Workshop) which includes topics on; Alcohol, smoking, nutrition, healthy fundraising and healthy environments

Key contact details

Lia Williams