Promoting advocacy in WA through professional development and building capacity


State wide and National


Non-Government Organisation

Source(s) of funding


PHAIWA also conducts advocacy training as a fee for service

Target group(s)

Any professional or organisation that want to understand how to be better advocates for prevention

Goals and objectives

PHAIWA aims to develop and nurture that advocacy skills of individuals working within health promotion, public health and sectors external to health, to ensure that high quality, innovative and effective advocacy leadership continues in WA. To achieve this goal the following objectives have been identified:

  • To grow advocates for the future through programs such as the online advocacy mentoring program and opinion piece series
  • To provide advocacy related professional development events and opportunities based on either needs or practitioners or current events
  • To facilitate regional advocacy skills based workshops that address local needs, in all WA regions
  • To deliver an advocacy Summer School short course to be facilitated every 2 years


To address that objectives of the program includes two key strategy areas; professional development events and the e-mentoring program. Key aspects of these includes:

Deliver a range of professional development events including:

  • Regional advocacy skills based sessions
  • Advocacy short course
  • Emerging Leader Seminars
  • Executive Leader Seminars
  • Executive conversations with key sector leaders
  • Leadership by example Seminars

Deliver an e-mentoring program which includes:

  • Practical monthly activities completed by mentees
  • Online blog support
  • ongoing professional development opportunities

Key contact details

Melinda Edmunds

Projects Officer

Phone: (08) 9266 1544

Fax: (08) 9266 9244

Address: Curtin University of Technology Health Research Campus

10 Selby Street, Shenton Park

Postal: Public Health Advocacy Institute of WA Faculty of Health Sciences

G.P.O. Box U1987, PERTH 6845