Quitline Aboriginal Liaison Team (QALT)

Program Name

Quitline Aboriginal Liaison Team (QALT)


QALT covers all of the state


Government / Aboriginal Health

Source(s) of funding

QALT is funded by the Australian Government Department of Health as part of the Indigenous Australians’ Health Program

Target group(s)

All Aboriginal people who use tobacco or are affected by people smoking tobacco.

Health workforce who work primarily with Aboriginal people.

Goals and Objectives

QALT works with Aboriginal people and their families to reduce the harms associated with tobacco use. QALT aims to help Aboriginal people to cut down or quit tobacco use through engagement with the counselling and support services offered by Quitline.


QALT provides resources to support Tackling Indigenous Smoking teams and other health professionals. We work with Quitline to ensure cultural security of the service. QALT provides training and health professionals on cessation support and referral processes. QALT attends community events to promote the Quitline service

Contact Details

Quitline Aboriginal Liaison Team

Tara Rowe, QALT Project Officer

Rickesha Burdett, QALT Project Officer

Aboriginal Health Council of Western Australia

(08) 9227 1631