Tackling Smoking and Promoting Healthy Lifestyles


South West



Source(s) of funding

Department of Health and Ageing

Target group(s)

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders

Goals and objectives

This project aims to decrease the prevalence of chronic disease relating to tobacco smoking, poor nutrition and inadequate physical activity, among Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in the South West.

  • To increase the number of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people accessing smoking cessation support services.
  • To increase the number of smoke free homes and community events.
  • To increase awareness of smoking cessation support services and the benefits of quit smoking using social marketing strategies.
  • To provide education and support for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people to make healthy food choices and participate in regular physical activity.


  • Increasing awareness of the harms associated with smoking and the benefits of quitting smoking through community workshops, educational sessions, events and promotional material.
  • Providing support to current smokers to quit smoking, both one-on-one and in groups.
  • Promoting and supporting smoke free events in the community.
  • Developing a local and culturally relevent social marketing message to promote behaviour change.

Key contact details

Nicole Bowser
Regional Tobacco Coordinator
ph: (08) 9791 1166
fax: (08) 9721 4621

South West Aboriginal Medical Service

Unit 3/30 Wellington Street, Bunbury WA, 6230