ACOSH resources


Use the links below to download our resources for tobacco control advocates:

Smoke-Free Living

A guide for residents and owners living in strata titled property.

Tobacco Timeline

A timeline of tobacco control success from 1970 onwards.

It’s time for smoking to Come out of the Closet

LGBTI smoking statistics infographic

Busting the Myths

A resource busting myths about smoking and people experiencing mental illness.

Big Tobacco

A story of the lies, fraud, and deceit from the tobacco industry.

ACOSH Strategic Plan

An outline of who we are, our objectives and our strategies.

Follow the Path to A Healthy Body

A community resource explaining the links between tobacco, heart disease, diabetes, and stroke.

Links between tobacco and cardiovascular disease, stroke and diabetes

Information for health professionals on the links between tobacco, cardiovascular disease, stroke, and diabetes.

Follow the Path to A Healthy Body / How Smoking Makes You Sick- Poster

A poster for communities to explain the link between tobacco and heart disease, stroke and diabetes.

Mary G Radio Campaign

ACOSH commissioned ‘Mary G’ to record six radio information spots warning women of the dangers of smoking whilst pregnant


For permission to use the radio spots please email 

For more valuable health professional resources visit the Make Smoking History Community Services website.

If you couldn’t find the answers to all your questions on our resources please visit our tobacco control partners websites.