Tax Increase will save thousands of lives

1 September 2018

The Australian Council on Smoking and Health (ACOSH) has congratulated the Federal Government for maintaining a significant and regular increase in tobacco tax.

“Increasing tax on tobacco is the single most effective thing that Governments can do to cut smoking and reduce the thousands of preventable deaths that smoking causes each year in Australia,” said Maurice Swanson, Executive Director of ACOSH.

Mr Swanson said it is important to acknowledge the annual increase of 12.5% in tobacco tax has been implemented by Labor and Liberal/National Governments since 2013, and demonstrates strong support from all major political parties in Australia for comprehensive tobacco control policies including plain packaging.

From 1 September 2018, a pack-a-day smoker of Winfield Original 25s will spend $13,505 in a year on cigarettes.*

“Continuing to increase the price of tobacco through regular consistent increases in tobacco excise will mean hundreds of thousands of adult smokers will give up smoking and tens of thousands of teenagers will not take up smoking.

“Tax increases on tobacco are only opposed by the tobacco industry and tobacco retailers.

“That’s because they know increases in price reduce the consumption of tobacco in Australia,” said Mr Swanson.

Tax increases on tobacco reduce both the prevalence of smoking and the number of cigarettes smoked, and is one of the few policy measures that effectively reduce tobacco use more in low income than in high income groups.

ACOSH urges the Federal Government to use some of the additional revenue generated to fund TV-led public education campaigns, a missing feature of Australia’s comprehensive approach to reduce smoking since 2012.

“A comprehensive tobacco control strategy that includes a public education campaign reduces initiation of tobacco use, increases quitting intentions and behaviours, and reduces tobacco use in adults. If these campaigns are TV-led, with adequate media investment and feature certain types of anti-tobacco advertisements, they have been shown to motivate quitting behaviours among all tobacco users, particularly those from lower socioeconomic groups,” Mr Swanson said

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For more information please contact ACOSH Executive Director, Maurice Swanson on
0401 090 915


Brand Price as of 1 Sept 2018 Total cost in a year for a pack-a-day smoker
Winfield Original 25s $37.00 $13,505
JPS 26s $34.25 $12,501
JPS 20s $26.20 $ 9,563