TGA rejects heated tobacco products


10 June 2020

The Australian Council on Smoking and Health (ACOSH) today strongly supported the interim decision of the Therapeutic Goods Administration not to amend the Poisons Schedule to allow the sale of new heated tobacco products in Australia.

“ACOSH and other health organisations recommended that the TGA maintain the current scheduling of nicotine to protect Australians from the risks of exposure to heated tobacco devices.

“Australia does not need to make available new toxic and addictive products that provide no therapeutic benefit,” said Maurice Swanson, Chief Executive, ACOSH.

Heated tobacco products are a battery powered device that heats short tobacco plugs, generating an aerosol containing nicotine that is inhaled by the user.

“Tobacco companies are spending billions of dollars promoting these products internationally in response to the declining prevalence of cigarette smoking in many countries.

“As the TGA has pointed out there is insufficient evidence to conclude that heated tobacco products are less harmful than conventional cigarettes.

“There is also no evidence in any scientific context that heated tobacco products are a better alternative for current Australian smokers who may find it difficult quit.

“It took decades of research for the harms of smoking to be understood.

“The evidence on the impacts of heated tobacco products is still at an early stage. Claims in support of these products are based substantially on tobacco industry-funded research that cannot be trusted,” said Mr Swanson.

Key international and national health agencies, such as the World Health Organization advise against the sale and promotion of heated tobacco products.

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Contact: Maurice Swanson, ACOSH Chief Executive, 0401 090 915

Notice of interim decisions on proposed amendments to the Poisons Standard – ACMS/ACCS/Joint ACMS-ACCS meetings, March 2020 – TGA, 10 June 2020