TGA ruling based on evidence

26 August 2020

Australia’s independent and evidence-based regulator of medicines, the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA), has confirmed its rejection of an application from tobacco company Philip Morris to market in Australia its heated tobacco product.

The TGA made this decision based on a review of the scientific and medical evidence on these products, and to protect public health from the risks associated with introducing a new nicotine delivery device for non-therapeutic use.

The TGA does not listen to lobbying from vested interests or from e-cigarette enthusiasts some of whom have accepted funding from the vaping industry.

Its decision is consistent with the position of Australia’s independent and leading health and medical organisations which have expressed serious concern about the epidemic increase in the use of e-cigarettes by school children in the US, Canada and New Zealand – countries that have allowed these products to be freely available and promoted extensively through social media and other platforms.

Why would Australia want to introduce yet another addictive product with the potential to cause so much harm, especially to our young people?

That’s why Federal Health Minister Greg Hunt’s support for regulations to stop the illegal importation of liquids and e-cigarettes that contain nicotine is so important.

Smokers wishing to try e-cigarettes containing nicotine to give up smoking can apply for a prescription from their Doctor to do so.

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