Health facilities

Smoke Free WA Health System Policy

In WA, all the Health Department owned and leased premises and grounds including hospitals, community health centres, office buildings, car parks and vehicles are completely smoke free.

Electronic cigarettes (e-cigarettes) and other personal vaporisers for delivery of nicotine or other substances are not permitted to be used in any area where smoking is restricted.

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Hospitals and health facilities service the most vulnerable in our community, who require as much assistance as possible in returning to health.

While many hospitals are largely smoke free, the acceptance of smoking near entryways and in common areas can still lead to issues for those in ill-health.  Smoking around health facilities puts people in harm’s way and can be especially dangerous for those with pre-existing health issues and pregnant women.

Smoking areas in and around health facilities send the wrong message to the general public about how damaging tobacco use is.

Thanks to decades of research by health facilities, universities and research centres, the damaging health effects of smoking are widely known.  It’s up to these same institutions to demonstrate that smoking should not be tolerated in their workplaces.

What does ACOSH do to support health facilities?

ACOSH, alongside other key stakeholder, has been working with hospitals to ensure an effective implementation of the Smoke Free WA Health System Policy.

ACOSH, in partnership with the North Metropolitan Public Health Service (NMPHS), recently conducted a staff survey regarding the Smoke Free WA Health System Policy in five hospitals.  Based on the findings, ACOSH and NMPHS have presented key recommendations such as incorporation of policing and monitoring by hospital security staff as part of their job description, induction training to educate staff on the policy and on brief intervention as well as re-training when required, and free NRT access for staff and patients.  It also recommended implementing a similar approach to the ABCD model from Alfred Health funded by the Victorian Government that facilitates a systematic process for improving the management of nicotine dependency among people who access the health system.

Do you need help?

To discuss implementing a smoke free plan for health facilities please contact ACOSH on or 6365 5436.

If you have been exposed to secondhand smoke at a health facility, we would like to hear from you, please complete this form or contact us on 6365 5436.  Community complaints regarding exposure to secondhand smoke at public places are treated confidentially and are valuable.  ACOSH utilises community complaints to offer assistance to the government and responsible compliance agencies to review and improve monitoring and enforcement processes.