Shopping centres

Undercover shopping centres are already large smoke free spaces, however, further work is required to make these public spaces safe to enjoy for everyone. After all, staff and customers smoking by entryways is hardly an ideal introduction to the shopping experience.

ACOSH supports business owners and customers in making their local shopping promenades into smoke free spaces. This has been successful and beneficial to public health in cases like the Murray Street and Hay Street Malls in Perth’s CBD.

Many suburban shopping districts are yet to adopt a smoke free initiative, however doing so would have many positive repercussions. Smoke free shopping spaces see a reduction in litter from cigarette butts, removes a possible fire risk and addresses a health hazard for their customers. Going smoke free also discourages anti-social behaviour such as loitering, harassment for cigarettes, and normalising smoking to young people.

ACOSH has worked with Bull Creek, Bentley Plaza and Midland Gate shopping centres through the Small Community Incentives  to support the implementation of smoke free buffer zones at shopping centre entrances.










To learn more about making your shopping centre or business district smoke free, please contact ACOSH on or call 08 6365 5436.