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It’s hard to overestimate the sway that sporting clubs have on community life. Sporting clubs act as a hub for a diverse range of people, including youth players and supporters, and promote healthy lifestyle choices to the wider public.

The first step to making your club, league and/or local sporting grounds smoke free is to create a smoke free policy. To find out how to do this please contact ACOSH on or call 6365 5436.

ACOSH has followed up complaints from concerned members of the public after seeing staff smoking indoors at sporting and recreation facilities, with outcomes including new signage, better staff action and greater awareness and self-regulation by the public.  If you have been exposed to secondhand smoke at a sporting club and would like to make a complaint, please contact us on or call 6365 5436.

To educate youth at your club about the dangers of tobacco, visit for a range of interactive resources.

ACOSH recognises the positive work that others are doing in this area, including the Good Sports Program. Good Sports works together with local sporting clubs to build a healthier sporting nation. Thousands of clubs across Australia take part in a three-tier accreditation program that provides the resources and training to help them create healthy and safe environments where everyone looks out for each other.As part of the program, Good Sports clubs are committed to providing smoke-free areas for all club members and guests. The outcome is stronger clubs that are more family-friendly and inclusive, providing the ideal setting to play and enjoy sport. For more information and to join the team visit or call the Perth Good Sports Office on 9340 0815.

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