Smoke free housing

Please note: WA’s new strata laws were passed by Parliament and will come into effect on 1 May 2020. ACOSH and Cancer Council WA are currently reviewing and updating the Guide for smoke free strata housing in Western Australia to ensure it is in accordance with the Strata Titles Act.

Smoking is a common source of tension between neighbours. In higher density housing, such as apartment blocks, tobacco smoke is notoriously difficult to contain. In many cases, residents are unsure about their rights and responsibilities when it comes to smoke drift.

The Guide for smoke free strata housing in Western Australia is a joint initiative of ACOSH and Cancer Council Western Australia. The guide aims to assist community members and strata managers to introduce a non-smoking by-law, reduce exposure to secondhand smoke and make conflicts easier to manage.

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Guide for smoke free strata housing in Western Australia 

This guide outlines the benefits of smoke-free strata housing. It provides resources on how to introduce a non-smoking by-law, with the aim to:

  Increase awareness about the dangers of exposure to secondhand smoke among the strata community;

  Enable tenants, owners and owners’ corporations to increase their skills and confidence to implement non-smoking by-laws in strata-titled properties; and

  Enable Strata Managers to facilitate and support this process.


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Fact Sheet 1: Introduction

Aims of this guide
Strata law reform in Western Australia
What is the issue?
What are the health effects of exposure to secondhand smoke?



Fact Sheet 2: Why Take Action

What are the advantages of smoke free strata housing?
How can current disputes about smoke drift be resolved?





Fact Sheet 3: How can smoke free strata housing be achieved?

STEP 1: Check current by-laws
STEP 2: Assess level of support for non-smoking by-law
STEP 3: Put smoking on the agenda
STEP 4: Propose a resolution
STEP 5: Attend a general meeting
STEP 6: Notify Landgate of the new non-smoking by-law
STEP 7: Enforce the non-smoking by-law


Fact Sheet 4: By Law Resources 

Detailed procedure for adding a non-smoking by-law
Enforcing a non-smoking by-law






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