ACOSH Community Incentive Scheme

ACOSH Community Tobacco Control Grants now open for applications

The Australian Council on Smoking and Health (ACOSH)  ‘Small Community Incentive Scheme’  supports community members, health organisations and other interested groups to implement tobacco control policy, along with monitoring and enforcing existing legislation.

Some examples of priority areas are described below:

  • Adopt smoke free policies at public places such as sporting clubs, transport waiting areas, and 10 metres away from entrances of shopping centres, childcare, and other facilities.
  • Implement smoke free policies at pubs and restaurants where smoking areas are permitted.
  • Enforce current smoke free legislation at health facilities.
  • Implement other relevant projects aiming to increase compliance of the Tobacco Products Control Act.

This scheme could eventually assist in implementing smoke free policies in other settings experiencing a high smoking prevalence, for example, rural and remote areas, mental health, and correctional facilities. ACOSH is aware that these interventions could require a certain level of complexity and tobacco control knowledge.

ACOSH staff will assist community members, local governments and other health organisations in clarifying any questions. They will also provide appropriate resources, copy of smoke free policies, share successful cases and other guidance needed to implement initiatives supported by this initiative.

What to do next

Please contact and we will be able to provide the application form and guidelines.