Quit smoking today

Fantastic! You’ve taken the first step to better health…

Quitting smoking is one of the most powerful actions you can take for better health. It’s an individual decision as to how to quit smoking for good; what worked for your best mate may not be effective for you to stay smoke free.

For help on how to quit smoking see Make Smoking History Website  or call Quitline 13 7848

Short-term benefits of quitting

You will start to reap the benefits of quitting smoking almost immediately. Just 12 hours after stopping there is no more nicotine in the blood stream and in a few days’ lung function and breathing will improve. Blood will flow more easily to the fingers and toes, giving more energy for doing things and the smoke will no longer be on you, your clothes or your teeth and fingers!

Long-term benefits of quitting

As soon as a person stops smoking they reduce their risk of dying from a smoking related disease. After 10 to 15 years risk of dying from a smoking related disease is almost the same as that of someone of the same age who has never smoked.

How to quit smoking for good

So you’ve tried quitting before but didn’t stick to your new, healthier habit? Don’t quit quitting! A little help may be all you need. Try some of the following resources to improve your chances of quitting success.

Quitline 13 7848

Call for free information, self-help resources, advice, support, and confidential counselling; answered 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
The ‘Quit Coach’
The ‘Quit Coach’ is a free interactive computer program to help you plan for and work through the quitting process.

Free ‘My QuitBuddy’ app

Get the cigarette pack out of your hand, and pick up your smart phone instead. The My QuitBuddy app helps you get, and stay, smoke free. It’s with you through the hardest times with helpful tips and distractions to overcome cravings; tracking systems to chart your progress and all the facts you need to understand the impact smoking has on your health. It’s free on the Apple App Store, Google Play and Windows Phone Store.

Apple Store Google Play Windows Phone

Free ‘Quit for You – Quit for Two’ app

The free quit smoking app for mums-to-be ‘Quit for you – Quit for two’ provides support and encouragement to help give up smoking for pregnant mothers. This app can be downloaded free on an iPhone or iPad from the Apple iTunes online store or for android phones on the Google Play store.

Apple Store Google Play

Health professionals

Talk to your GP, pharmacist or other health professional for advice and support to quit.

Links and resources

The following websites contain information and resources on tobacco and how to quit smoking for good:


Links for health professionals