Stop government and super fund investment in tobacco

Your super is your future. ACOSH and ASH are campaigning to end investments by federal, state and territory governments in tobacco companies, and by major super funds.

We believe that government and super funds should be guided by principles of responsible investment. This would exclude dangerous, unhealthy, unethical investment decisions, such as investment in the tobacco industry. This is especially so when we all pay the price for the death and disease caused by the tobacco industry. It is inconceivable that we invest our money in these disreputable companies that sell death and disease.

If you want to join our campaign, write to your government and your superfund and ask them these three questions:

  1. Do you invest in the tobacco industry?
  2. Have you made a determination that investment in tobacco is a socially responsible investment?
  3. If so, what was that determination?

Let them know that it is NOT all right with you that they are investing your money in the tobacco industry!

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