Involve your school in Critics’ Choice 2017

The Critics’ Choice 2017:  Which Anti-smoking Ad is your favourite?

The Critics’ Choice is an initiative coordinated annually by the Australian Network on Young People and Tobacco (ANYPAT) as part of a strategy to reduce the prevalence of tobacco smoking amongst young people.

Critics’ Choice is a free online smoking prevention resource for upper primary and lower secondary schools. Students are invited to watch a selection of anti-smoking advertisements from around the world and vote for their favourite – the one most likely to prevent them from taking up smoking or encouraging them to quit.

In 2016, over 34 West Australian schools participated in Critics Choice, and ACOSH received more than 650 student votes.

One of the ads this year is ‘Ted’s Story’ by the Commonweath Government

Information for the teachers

The Critics’ Choice 2017 competition is now open, all you need to do is give students the opportunity to vote on the ad they think is most effective in discouraging young people to smoke.

The program aligns with the Australian Curriculum: Health and Physical Education for Years 5 to 10.

Teachers can:

  • Plan a classroom activity using the Critics’ Choice resource
  • Watch the ads and get students to vote online at:
  • Download tobacco education resources to support this activity
  • Download other tobacco education activities for both upper primary and lower secondary students at:

One of the ads this year is ‘Terri’s Tip Ad’ by CDC

Vote before the end of October and go into the drawn to win a $500 voucher for your school. Students can win one of ten iTunes vouchers valued at $30.

Winners will be announced on in term 4 and will receive a letter of congratulations.

We value your support in educating school children about the effects of smoking and the benefits of a tobacco-free life. We look forward to tallying up the votes!

Smarter than Smoking and the Australian Council on Smoking and Health recommend teachers view the advertisements prior to the use with students to determine their suitability.

Click Here to vote now!

Final entries close at 11.59PM AEST on October 31, 2017. 

For more information, contact Lucy Scott at or (08) 6365 5436

Click here to download the 2017 Critics’ Choice flyer