ACOSH Welcomes Gamechanger Vaping Reforms

28 Nov, 2023 | ACOSH Media Releases

Media Release Tues November 28


ACOSH welcomes today’s news that a ban on the importation of disposable single use vapes will start from January 1, 2024 and commends the federal government on its timely action with this and other measures slated for next year.

The evidence is clear that e-cigarettes have been relentlessly targeted at young Australians who have taken them up in unprecedented numbers, with the added complication of vaping acting as a gateway to smoking.

“Disposable single use vapes have been proven to be the go to product for young people in particular, so turning off this tap is a gamechanger in reducing access. It’s also in line with many other countries where bans are being implemented or e-cigarettes have been completely rejected” said Laura Hunter, Co CEO of the Australian Council on Smoking and Health.

“And let’s not forget that as a bonus to the toxic chemicals which are harmful to young lungs and brains, they are an environmental hazard that have resulted in numerous personal injuries and fires”.

ACOSH is one of a coalition of public health organisations that have been advocating for a comprehensive package of reforms to ensure vapes are only accessible through prescription in Australia.

“Getting Australia back on track is not going to be solved with one single action.  Banning non therapeutic vapes, requiring importers to obtain a licence and permit, and limiting flavours, nicotine concentrations and packaging are vital next steps, and now we have a timeline.

And with the government also aiming to prevent domestic manufacturing and advertising and fully resource enforcement, quit resources and public health campaigns, it shows they are fully committed to tackle this public health crisis.

Cancer Council surveys have repeatedly shown the majority of Australians want these changes. We applaud the Minister for listening and acting”.


For media comment please contact Laura Hunter (0415 295403) Co-CEO Australian Council of Smoking and Health (ACOSH).

ACOSH is an independent, non-government, not for profit coalition established in 1971, and represents thirty three 33 health, research, social service and community organisations with a shared concern about smoking and vaping and their harmful consequences.

ACOSH has been a leading advocate for all the regulatory and legislative changes to reduce the impact of smoking on the Australian community and is supported by the Healthway – the Western Australian Health Promotion Foundation.












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