ACOSH is calling on all politicians to Support the Vaping Reform Bill. 

With our 31 member organisations representing public health, education, parents,  and social service organisations,  ACOSH has been at the forefront of all the milestones in smoking reduction over the last fifty years, and we now have vaping in our sights.

With our 31 member organisations representing public health, educationparent  and social service organisations,

Doctors, dentists, nurses, pharmacists, public health experts, teachers, parents and guardians urge federal politicians to pass the Vaping Reforms Bill.

What is the problem with vaping? 

Rates of vaping among our children and young people have skyrocketed after aggressive marketing campaigns by the tobacco and vape industry and easy access at retail and online stores, including convenience stores and petrol stations. One in ten children aged 14 -17 currently vape and one in three young people who vape say they cannot stop or cut down. In addition to the harmful chemicals that vapers inhale, vaping acts as gateway to smoking and for those who have never smoked, young people who start vaping are three times more likely to start smoking cigarettes.  

What is the solution? 

Overwhelmingly, health experts agree that vapes must only be available via a prescription from a doctor who can supervise the quitting process.

The 2024 Vaping Reform Bill will:  


Stop the import of any vapes without a prescription at our borders


Restrict sales to pharmacies only with a prescription


Make vapes safer with quality and safety standards

What does the community think about this?

87% of adult Australians think vapes should not be sold to children under 18. 

What is the timeline? 

The Bill will likely be debated in the Senate shortly. But the outcome is far from guaranteed. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to protect the health of our children and young people and prevent new generations becoming addicted to nicotine. 

What can you do? 

Tell your federal member to be on the right side of history and support the Bill.

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