Government Relations

One of our key priorities is working with all levels of Government – federal, state and local – to ensure tobacco control policy is implemented, monitored, and enforced at local, state and national levels.

We’ve seen many milestones reached in tobacco control which have supported Australian smoking rates down to 11%.

But there’s still more work to be done if we want a future free from the harms of tobacco.

Through our various advocacy projects, ACOSH is building momentum for legislative change across all levels of government to drive Australia towards a tobacco free future. This work also focuses on supporting those who smoke to quit by engaging with researchers and tertiary institutions build evidence around best practice in smoking cessation.

Learn more about the ways our advocacy work is driving policy and legislative change below.

World Health Organisation Framework for Tobacco Control

The WHO Convention is unequivocal on the dangers of the tobacco industry to public health and introduced Article 5.3 to specifically protect public health policies from commercial and other vested interests of the tobacco industry. Australia has been a signatory to the WHO FCTC since December 2003. The Convention is legally binding. It is very specific about the definition of who is responsible at all levels of government.

ACOSH is currently building a Tobacco Observatory, which will expose industry tactics and identify key groups with affiliations with tobacco industry. Check in soon for more information.

WHO Framework

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